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  21/04/2003 Let's make a review of Abidjan race. Track was really good with a lot of 6th gear and disgusting elevated corners But especially racers liked the ending. It was good and fast, told Akoss Poo to our reporter.

The first trio - the same as it was in Beijing. Planned winner - Alan Rotoi, who sent his first replay only in quiet days. Just after the race "MeganiuM" star owned that he gave less time for Abidjan during all this competiton. It made some troubles to pArAnO, he stayed without help of his team partner. But nevertheless, he's second. Third place is a good result for Akoss Poo.

Surprise of the month - Alain's 4th place. After the nervous race in Beijing no one expected such a good result from him. I didn't drive more than three hours on it, so I am happy to see my rank, said the french racer who also gained first points to "Orion" team this season.

Only on 5th and 6th places are racers from "Cork's Crew" team. And what a sensation: it's the first track where Zak McKracken overtook Bonzai Joe!!! Zak did his final time in the beginning of the month, was the leader for the most time, and earned his first leading time bonus point. Unfortunately, he couldn't improve his result although he tried several times. Krys Toff finished just behind zaqrack, thus 7th.

All month we could enjoy the fight between CTG and Juank 23 for points. Both in auto, and both very active. CTG won this battle and that's why he's 8th and our "Man of the Race". Mingva wanted to leave them without points, but... It was beyond his powers. Leo Ramone is the last as he hadn't enough time for good improvements again. Not so good...

1st - Alan Rotoi. The first 20 seconds were the hardest. I always have a bad beginning so I tryied to do it as faster as I could.

3rd - Akoss Poo. I'm satisfied, and I'm not as far away from leaders as on previous track, so everything's OK. Good to see Alain behind me, but where is the real Bonzai Joe?

5th - Zak McKracken. I'm happy to earn my first leading time bonus point ever, altough it wasn't quite clear during the month. But in general I was leader for the most time, and that's not usual for me. I want to win a track this year at any competition, I've never won any.

6th - Bonzai Joe. I'm looking very much forward to seeing winner's replay, as I believe it will bring some clarity to which bridge tricks are allowed and which are not.

7th - Krys Toff. I'm happy because I've got a time close to Zak and BJ, but... How can I be happy when I was 4th before quiet days, improved my time one second, and finally finished at the 7th place!!! But I improve much in corners this month, so I'm happy finally.