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Mystery man come back from the stunts valhalla 12.11.2002...

Argammon, nick coming from Advanced Dungeon and Dragon world.


Mystery man came back from the so called 'stunts Valhalla' where he did enjoy the kisses of the walkyries and the heroic company of people like Mark Nailwood, Geovani/Inavoeg, Fdzierva, etc. Questions around Argammon, in ten points.

HYPE Who are you, Argammon?

ARGAMMON I don't really want to talk about 'real names' here but I am 22 years old and am living in germany but am half german half swedish okay

HYPE When did u start playing stunts

ARGAMMON The 1st time I played it was around 1990 when it came out on my 486 SX 25 :X sx 25 ;) great era

HYPE Reason for so long a cut?

ARGAMMON Well..... I didn't find the internet competitions to early ;)

HYPE I mean. Something about stunts hampered your driving hunger?

ARGAMMON Are you talking about the break between march and November?

HYPE Thats it, u missed a lot, because ur results promised a lot

ARGAMMON Well the way it looks now I would have had a good shot at winning this thing if I had played everymonth oh well ;) ok next question?

HYPE What are u planning for this year championships? ZS, FSC, ISA?

ARGAMMON I guess I will stick with ZS unless the Orion team would stay undisputed on the top of the scoreboard which is unlikely

HYPE And next year? will u commit in more than one comp?

ARGAMMON I'm not sure yet .... maybe but not on a regular basis

HYPE What do u think of Orion team. Are they so professional that it was told?

ARGAMMON I can't really judge that yet as I am pretty new in the team,but I like the idea behind the team and I've to say the latest replay you have sent in looks like professional work

HYPE And Bismark, former teamate? Any news from him?

ARGAMMON Actually I 'left' stunts before he did so I've no clue what happened to him......

HYPE Anything to say about stunts community?

ARGAMMON Heh :) It's kinda funny a very old game like stunts is still being played :)

HYPE Why 'Argammon'?

ARGAMMON When I 1st started surfing the web around 1995 I was using other names which very pretty common but I wanted to have a more unique name.... and as I could not think of any good name I just took the name of a former roleplaying character.

HYPE Who is that RPG char?

ARGAMMON It was my own Ad&D char :P later he became an NPC.....

HYPE thx a lot Argammon, and welcome home ;)

ARGAMMON :) okay many many many thx thanks to orion for letting me join such a nice team ;P

Alain - Argammon ...