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Asuncion 24/06/2003



Hello. It's time to ride!

Let me load the dot rpl first. Neverlock opens stunts aaand!

Let's go with the intro of the game da da da! the main theme of stunts plays in our heads :)

option tap!

load replay tap!

as5 tap!

please wait...

the car is frozen in a sexy position, slightly bent to the right just before the finish line :)

rewind key virtually pushed, i sit in my imagination in the cockpit of a 2649 cc 720 HP monster.


The car jumps out. Its a downhill ten meters after the race start. Then two grey concrete blocks with a little movement to do in spite of the low gear and the heavy couple to maintain the car in the right position. I have a checkpoint in the imaginary line marking the beginning of the first curve. REACHED!

You have to keep the higher gear in this elevated 180° curve to the right. Please don't tell me you are lower than 9000 RPM on the fourth gear gulz :)

Then a straight! and a 90° curve to the right! you need to use the famous sixth gear on the following jump before the tunnel. Use the bridge wall bug? dont use it? the rules arent clear enough in the fucking rules page. I dont use it. Do you? you still can.

How come! you take the tunnel by the roof? Wonderful!

But dont forget to be faster than Mark Nailwood could ever be on the Bonzai Zed that follows.

Yes its a dualway and the Bonzai Zed choice is the good one.

Double cork right left!

try to toggle sixth gear on the second one... Is it possible on the first one? YES!

But only for three racers parmi les gourmets.

Chicane, tunnel Usrin U! A sharp needle, already seen on Kinshasa, never seen before on IRC after a 245mph section. The brakes are heating and the gear box is screaming.

I went, using on the tube a bug! A little jump breaking throu the structure of the concrete.. yerk, like on the bridge wall :) I dont care, its not enough to stop my way on victory. Boulevard and bridge on the right, the problem is to take it all as fast as possible, without using brakes more than necessary, pulling the right string on the right moment, we all know that. The first woman racer ever on irc tried to pull the same strings that us this month!

And after the cork right left its the end of the ride with a frantic rodeo of banked roads.



Alain ...