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Boiskov, author of 'flowers for skid vicious'. 6.7.2004


Boiskov wrote the short story about stunts called 'flowers for skid vicious'.


Last month, we discovered on the internet this superb short story starring Bernie rubber, skid vicious (plus helen ;) ) on a beyond the limits highway... i dont tell more, just visit it here at www.progressiveboink.com

Lets now interview Boiskov. He is now working in the electronics and a guy you should know.

[19:39] alainhyperion: first: how came the idea to design such a good page inspired by the stunts characters?

[19:44] boiskov: Well, I played the game religiously when I was twelve years old, so they were very near and dear to me. Despite the fact that everything I knew about them came from bunch of one-paragraph bios from the Characters screen. It's not like other games, where you have books or a cartoon TV show or the back of a cereal box to help the story along. One time I went to the store and asked a guy that worked there for a Smokin' Joe Stallin action figure, and the guy punched me in the face.

[20:03] alainhyperion: wow it should have hurt you really deep... sorry guy!

[20:05] alainhyperion: now on stunts R us you can really know who are the real names of each characters! what do you think of that?


Boiskov-Alain ...