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First u meet a big serie of two jumps with a slalom here make ur gearbox scream until it dies. Speed up at all cost because u reach the tunnel speedless, u wont have a good turn rate in the banked corner.

Then jump to the left for a small elevated curve to the left in the second gear, get out of the elevated road in third gear and toggle fourth while in the air. If u avoid getting outbound of the track then everything is perfect because u need to reach the sixth gear.

After the tunnel the best will keep on fifth gear until the jump... oh yeah it is possible...

I use to name tracks parts as stunts opponents. Next to the jump there is a couple of curves to the right called Pershing twins. Drive them in third or fourth gear. Reach the slalom and have a sixth gear free boost in the loop. Then drive the left curves in fourth and fifth gear. The rest of the track won't be awful. Stay low in the banked corner and dont try as many times as me to jump in the boulevard, you will break indy car.