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DAVE DAVIS 6.7.2004



Today i woke up and searched for Dave Davis on ICQ... no result. On google i typed dave davis and found soon a deutch Electronic arts interview of dave davis about a project called freekstyle... a moto stunts game that was published in 2002. strange isn't it ;)

Here is the presentation of this dave davis on ea.com :)

"As executive producer, Dave Davis is responsible for the creation and development of a soon to be announced game franchise at Electronic Arts Los Angeles (EALA) studio. Having been with Electronic Arts for more than five years, Davis has also worked at the Electronic Arts Redwood City studio as well as at Maxis. Davis has been integral in the growth of the EA SPORTS brand. He was the driving force behind the critically-acclaimed EA SPORTS BIG Freekstyle motocross game. Davis created the EA SPORTS Supercross franchise and spearheaded the EA SPORTS Supercross Series national sponsorship that consisted of 16 televised events/races each year for three years. While at Maxis, he produced the highly successful MotoRacer series. And, as executive producer for Knockout Kings, Davis was also the instigator of the massive update of the franchise in 2002. At age 36, Dave has been working in the video game industry for more than 15 years and has produced games for more than 13 years. He began his career as one of the early employees of Broderbund Software. An original founder of Vancouver-based Radical Entertainment, he has also worked as a senior producer for SEGA."

Of course, the last line have really popped up in your minds and mean that very very soon, an interview will be published FROM THE REAL REAL SKID VICIOUS!!!

Alain ...

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