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ISA to be deleted? 20..7.2003

ISA and FSC were partners. IRC ignores the racers needs.



There is a little scandal in the stunts competitions world. Do you still remember ISA competition? I do. Only few racers, but the best took part to a pure driving skill tournament during less than one year. Nowadays IRC is a pale copy of it, with no permanent tracks, no more invention without the leading points bonus that is only a copy of zakstunts competition new rule.

We need inventions, but we also need to re-read all that happened in this competition, to download the tracks and rpls of all month, and if its lost, its lost to eternity. This competition was stunts history. 4d sports driving is not a game like those you can buy now in the stores, its dying. Every little effort we can do to save its memory is making it more alive.

Someone has forgot that when he stealed from our memories the website at the URL http://stadt.heim.at/wien/141026/

Now its time to correct this mistake and make it available to surf, this old site. I'll be waiting for an update at IRC of the ancient ISA files, tracks, replays, the return of the permanent competition of ISA on IRC website, and if it happens, 4d sports driving will be alive a little more.

I already asked for it. Its time it could happen.

Alain ...