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LUIS CUNHA, Stunts passionate and car designer 14.11.2002...

Luis Cunha designed cars with carblaster. U can find carblaster and other cool tools on stunts community. here.


The news of a simulation cars designer came to our hears like the messiah coming. Hello Luis Cunha, what can u say about you and yourself? Who are u -common ASL-?


HYPE Do u play stunts regularly?

LUIS Since it was one of the first games i have played on a computer (my 286 that stills run!!!), to nowadays, i always have a ride. I classified it one of the best car simulation games. I'm just a gamer that loves to play "real car simulators", you know what i mean...

HYPE How did u manage to create new cars so close to reality, and sounds for them?

LUIS Some weekends, some work but not hard and stress on it. Cars where edit in car blaster and tuned to equal to a car aceleration program cartest. The sounds where edit in ms edit in hex mode, a lot of tries to get a sound that i like.

HYPE Will u join a Stunts competition? Do you know Zack stunts, France stunts Comp and ISA comp?

LUIS I could try.

HYPE Where can be downloaded those beautiful cars, are they opened to the public, and to the competition web masters?

LUIS I will deliver it to zack.

HYPE Can we access to cars shapes and modify them, to create replicas of our dream cars?

LUIS I don't know how to, but whould like...

HYPE What is your message to the stunts community, Do u want to know us? (u can access our chat room at http://chat.cjb.net/zakstunts.cjb.net)

LUIS Ride to live it all!!!

Well, what a stunning news. Stunts! Pure Stunts.

Alain - Luis