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Mingva, Z19 leader. 8.11.2002...


Hype What do you think about z19 track? is it, long, with no interesting shortcuts as many say?

Mingva i like this track; it's not long, nice to race; there are few small shortcuts but the most important thing there - fly as much as u can ;)

Hype but, no opponent in the fight for the supplemental points...

Mingva yes, but it's only 9 days passed u know, i can race mostly on weekends, so i'm affraid to lose my 1s position that's because i just sent to zak my better time i don't wait untill other beats me :)

Hype u got a real driver ethic. never behave bad.

Mingva Where does it come from? it didn't come from somewhere it's my own characteristic :) ok, what's next question? o :)

Hype thoughts about the countach do you think its a reliable car, and easy to know? where u able to push its limits?

Mingva not so bad car (as i thought abt countach before z19) i don't understand very well countach gears (or gearbox) i think, by choosing right gear, u can save some time but the problem is, what i don't know very well in which places better gear to choose

Hype okay, do u have a scientific approach about stunts? do u study cars and track like a maniac?

Mingva no, i don't do that but it would be great, if in our team would be researcher who will study and write comments abt car's and track's possibilities, shortcuts, etc.

Hype well, zack had a good idea in this way: he analyses distances driven by racers every month. is it enough? and Stunts R us is to be the place where u find all those stats, gathered by all stunts racers ;)

Mingva abt zak: u didn't understand i want comments during first few days, not after comp. ends ;)

Hype good... Thanks, Mingva ;)

Alain - Mingva...