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february 2003  

Noobs and newbies, rookie team of the month 15.02.2003...

Netherlands are back in town.


Let's interview Noobs and newbies members.

HYPE Hi Noobs&Newbies! Where are you all from?

XDUDE NL me from nieuwkoop (little village), doelloos from boskoop and rudo i dont know. we have a new member, rudo. i hope he will be our secret weapon

HYPE why is doelloos the leader?

XDUDE NL he has created the team and site. i joined him.

HYPE So doelloos! hi! u are the leader in noobs and newbies. why? What are ur goals in competitions?

doelloos When i joined zaks comepitions, i noticed that all the good racers are in teams, this makes them only better because they can share their replays. And most newbies leave the competition after 1 or 2 months. Thats why i founded the team, to keep them motivated.

HYPE When did u start playing stunts?

doelloos About 7 years ago i played stunts for the very first time, but didn't play it that long. Then in 2001 i joined the kalpen.de competition once under the name warcher_44 (11th place). note! with this participation, warcher 44 earns a rating of 41.95! in this race were also taking part bonzai joe, fdzierva, cap and ben snel nailwood, roy , man on moon and... zak! Now in january i was looking for some old race games, and surprisingly there are ppl still playing stunts. So i decided to join.

HYPE Is really rudo a noobs and newbie now? Is your team national Netherlands team :-)?

doelloos Rudo? yes he wanted to join :-) But, no its not a national team, but same language can be handy.

HYPE Which competitions will u join?

doelloos Personnally i join only zaks competition, just because i wont have more time for other comps.

HYPE What do u think of the opponents?

doelloos The opponents? Ow they are just a little better then Bernie rubber ;) At last i want to say thanks to zak mckracken for making this competition possible and the lots of time he puts in it.

Alain - XDUDE NL - doelloos...