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February 2003  

What a Sensation! Kevin Pickell is around us... 17.02.03

Kevin Pickell, stunts lead programmer




Hi people of the stunts!

Yesterday, Zak had an incredible flash idea! He hit the toilets with his head and said: Lets send an email to the programmers of stunts, then we could interview them. Howdy. In the same step Y started a quick search on google, typing, randomly, 'Kevin Pickell' just for fun, imaginating y would spot some cool sites with the stunts programmers listing, etc. But first line in the search appeared HIS sales site: http://www.scale18.com that I recommend for its wonderful car models (especially the porsches' ;) ) and second HIS homepage...

Kevin Pickell is around us! http://www.scale18.com/kpickell.html

WORLD EXCLUSIVITY for stuntsrus, interview of our creator, Kevin Pickell. Kevin bless u.

Al: Let's talk about stunts... How did stunts development happen? Was it long, how many people gathered around the project.

Kevin: I was the only programmer on Stunts. My previous game was Test Drive so I was familiar with programming a car simulation but I had no 3d experience at all. I had written a very simple editor for making 3d models and in it I made many of the track pieces for stunts. The game was very far along with the track editor and most pieces before we got an artist. The Artist we had mainly worked on the 3d car models as they were way beyond my capabilities.

Al: Please, tell us more about the naughty driver characters we can fight in stunts... can anybody tell us their real names, or how to contact them ( and I must say especially 'Helen Wheels' )

Kevin: Stunts was very far along before the idea for having the 6 opponents was brought up, this was a last minute addition.

All of the opponents were employees of the company except for one (the blond) who was a hired model.

Bernie Rubber - David Adams (artist)

Herr Otto Parts - Erik Kiss (programmer)

Smokin Joe Stalin - Dave Davis (producer)

Cherry Chassis - Athena Baxevenakis (artist, not sure of spelling on last name)

Helen Wheels - She is a model we hired, I don't know her name.

Skid Vicious - Chris Taylor (programmer)

Al: How did the stunts programming influenced your future creations? and was it originally planned a 'stunts II' project or whatever?

Kevin: A few years later when we were making games for the Sega Genesis I had ported Stunts to run on it and we were seriously looking at releasing it but the Genesis was not very fast and the game only ran at about 10 frames per second. Not enough to make the game playable so it was shelved. Over the years I have asked many times to do a sequel but nobody was interested.

Alain... thanks to you Kevin Pickell!