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Canada gave great champions like pArAnO! to stunts


This month's Q&A will focus on one particularly new stunts racer, VLAD. He took part on zackstunts and FSC. Then Stunts'r'us team thought it was interesting to ask him a few about his vision of the stunts community. first question:

HYPE Who are you? (traditional ASL :) )

VLAD I'm a programmer. Born in Montreal, Canada. I'm 24 year old. I was 8 when i get involve in racing competition, Grand Prix ( on Atari console ) I do some go-kart race ( not enough ) I first see Stunts competition on November 1, while searching for The Need for speed game.

HYPE What is your opinion about the new ranking method in ZS (Zackstunts). The old one was chosen to advantage the average ranking. the new one is made to advantage the best driver with less 'Oh I wont play this month because the sum will fall if i win no points behaviour. You can see the point of the new 2003 rules here (link to 2003 rules page)

VLAD The 2002 rules seem good if there was something like 4 track each month. You don't have to play on all those track. But, there's only 1 track per month. The 2003 rules will be better this way. BUT, people who will join later on the season ( like me ) will not have a good position. I think the 2003 is better anyway but some 2003 rule are to hard to understand. I think some of them will create long discution.

HYPE Are u planning to join a team, or to build one?

VLAD I would like to join a team, but presently I don't know who would like to make a team with me. if someone want to team, then vlad3@sympatico.ca

HYPE With a team site?

VLAD If the team have no web-site, i may host it.....

HYPE Did u know u were the second canadian active racer nowadays? (pArAnO is from qu├ębec city, and Neil mac Rae is from the province of surrey) What about a canadian team with Neil mac rae?

VLAD No, i think we were more. I see pArAnO on my first day, so i knew we were at least 2, but being the second active canadian when the community exist for more than a year, it seem like canadian dislike racing ( or stunts ).

HYPE Which competition do you prefer?

VLAD The one i'm in the lead :) Actually, I don't know how to use the bug in stunt to get better time. I have time penalty for every shortcut i find. I can't find good shortcut I always drive with the rule "always 1 wheel on track", even on any other racing games. And i dislike using bug to get good time. Now, I have a lot of fun in Francestunts. I will try to get a better time on Zak ZCT19. I think i'll try ISA for the next race.

HYPE Have u watched some winner's replay to improve your talents? or visited some trick'n tips site?

VLAD Yes, i watched replay from ZCT18, but i'm not able to use these trick now. I see the Driving school on Zack page. I have try all of these trick. But none of them work for me. I'll have to practice.

HYPE Thanks, Vlad, :)))

VLAD Thanks to all racers, it's the first place where i can play against real people.

Alain - Vlad...