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february 2003  

Zak's statements 16.02.2003...

Zak is the pope of stunts competitions.


HYPE Hi Zak!

ZAK hi

HYPE Would u answer a few questions for our newspaper ?

ZAK wow, sure :)

HYPE How long stunts racers have been disfruting Zack stunts competition now, and was it hard to build?

ZAK well my main decision to start it was because Kalpen's competition had very rare updates in their late times, and altough there were a lots of competitors, I found not enough challenge, I had too much free time. Of course I was bored with the indy too. First about 10 racers join (2001 march), which was very nice compared to the 20-30 Kalpen racers/month. Then it dropped back, and it started to fly high, when I decided to design an abandonware page beside the stunts competition. I was really enjoying collecting abandonware games, and I saw that members of the abandonware rings have great traffic, so I thought maybe I could get some racers from there. And looks like it was a success. Of course it was hard in the beginning, no good webspace provider to have the gam,es uploaded, 33.6kbps connection at home, and as I got more and more replays it took an incredible enormous time to update.

HYPE Can u speak about the last championships heroes and imagine who will be the new 2003 champion?

ZAK Well, I raced together with some "old legends", but I barely know anything about them. The first real hero I know better is Roy, and he has simply incredible skills. Now there are two main characters, Alan and Bonzai, who have almost the same skills (but in very different parts), and I think only teamwork and time spent on driving decides the ranking between them. And suprisingly Akoss is close to them, and some Orion members also - they have the strongest team now, which is very important. 2003 champion... well, anything can happen, in 2002 august I was sure Roy'll win again :) I think first two places are divided between Bonzai and Alan, and there'll be a very BIG battle for the third place, there'll be very slight differences between the 3rd-6th places.

HYPE Some think Act competition has no interest. What can u answer to them ;)?

ZAK well, when I decided to start a secondary competition, ISA was dying, Francestunts was quite passive, and there was no, or just a very little StuntsLOL and USC. It was a great opportunity to award the winner of the TDC with ACT, and we discussed with Akoss that he maybe could update ACT on his own, but he doesn't have such a frequent net access that is required for it. Now that there are more other comeptitions that I enjoy must, sure ACT has a smaller weight, but I think it's main target are this year's newbies, there are many great talents.

HYPE Why don't you make the amateur competition more honourful, because there are pros, the maniacs, and others are still good racers.

ZAK Tell me how to honour them, while it's still fair for the weaker racers of the pro, and we'll talk about it. I still believe it's a great honour to qualify to the pro, and I've never said there'll be no award in the amateur. :) And if there was no amateur division, the other "still good racers" could fight for the big nothing. Maybe 1 point sometimes, if some pros are missing that months. That's not what I call motivation.

HYPE Is there anything u think about by this time, to make ur site better?

ZAK Well, sure. The web-based chatroom has to be updated to a better one, this is just a temporary solution. Anyway I'm the most proud of the chatroom and the forum, it's just great to have such great community, different and intresting people, and almost always something to talk about, either in public or private. Also I want to add multiple colour scehems and designs, users could choose from, this is only a matter of time. I really put the game section in the background, I should care about it a bit too, to attract more people, and last but not least, I want to increase the interactivity of the site even more. The profiles is the beginning of this, but you can expect personalized login and custom configurable scoreboards and appereance integrated with the forum later, but this is a great challenge for me to do, and it's a big work, so don't expect it in the near future. I also must have motivation, sometimes I just have enough of this all (last two week was like this, I didn't even want to post news when not receiving any replays.) My motivation is the number of the visits on the site, the number of the racers, and the number of replays I receive :)

HYPE Thanks for your answers. Wish you the best, in everything!

ZAK Nope, my pleasure, I just cant stop my mouth when I start once :))